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The Living Room: On Sound-Word Internet Network, host, author; singer-songwriter and worship therapist, Richard Beattie invites you in, to study, fellowship and outreach from the Living Room. From here, you can change the world, through prayer; intimate worship and by invitation. Yes, all are invited to enhance lives; empower laborers and engage leaders through message; mission and music.

Chapter X Chapter: The fastest growing segment of the publishing world is Audio Books. For the first time there is a resource that brings you a weekly chapter, with extras like interviews; discussions and book reviews. And with sound design; professional voice talent; and compelling content; hearing will produce a movie in your mind that will make a good read; a quintessential experience. Don’t miss Chapter X Chapter.

It Takes all Kinds: One thing that we have known for a long time is that character matters! And we have a lot of characters that we have developed over the years. From Veggie Tales that did not make the cut; to when Rodger’s met Hammerstein; you’ll find why it takes all kinds to build a comedy show. With parody on media and culture; to experiential journalist George Blimpton and his look at the mundane; It takes all kinds, is unapologetic for the tone; the songs and the disclaimer! From the minds of Richco and Markoss, comes a comedy lab that develops Bio-tech fruit and nuts. No human has been hurt in testing patterns except for the high pitched sound of the test pattern audio. (Ear plugs not included)